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Default Dubai Lime.

A little bit about what Dubai Lime...

Dubai, a developing city where dreams come true everyday. It is a city with tall buildings and bright lights where it is easy to loose yourself. Dubai is a city with a global culture where people from different mind sets socialize together.

There are a lot of cultural and social events that go on in Dubai for FREE but many people are not aware of it. What Dubai Lime is doing is bringing these social events to your doorstep. Making it easier for you to join in, and to enjoy yourself. It gives you access to people who you will like to hang out with, people that have art, music, intelligent conversation and a sense of community within them.

What you should do at a Dubai Lime event?

Get going and talking to total strangers. I know from personal experience people who come down to Dubai Lime events are fun and friendly. Just get walking towards them and say hi. Ask them their interests, they might love doing the same things as you and if they are not then you might want to try out something they are interested in.

Dubai Lime is a great socializing tool and from my own personal experience has introduced me to many good people that I would never have met otherwise. Try and make it to as many events as you can, that is a way of getting well known among the Dubai Lime crowd that is growing everyday. Use Dubai Lime as a networking tool, a bridge between different cultral backgrounds or just a forum to hang out with cool people.

If you have talents don’t be shy. Just get onto the website and let everyone know about it. If you would like to organize an event and have worked it out, just let Dubai Lime know about it and it will follow on through. Every idea is a good idea and should not be wasted.

Your ideas count at Dubai Lime weather it is just a small gathering or a huge scale party.

Everyone matters at Dubai Lime.
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Default Re: Dubai Lime.

just one question....why dubai lime? it could have been anything...melon, apple, orange, pineapple? avocado?
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