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Default Soul Regression in Dubai

The National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology
Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy
Spiritual Regression

Tel: 050 4566427

Spiritual Regression can be achieved through hypnotherapy as with accessing a past life, a door of vibration called our super-subconscious, the access to the world of spirit, a bridging of two worlds coming together.

Our ultimate goal as souls is to progress through knowledge, understanding & love, to create perfection & rejoin with the source of ultimate creation. The universe is energy waves of vibration, levels of consciousness & colour, tone, vibration. Once accessing future regression into the spirit world people describe many facets but in general the main concepts are:

* Souls are intelligent energy of knowledge, which is immortal, vibrating on a certain rate of energy vibration, colour & tone.

* The human body is attached via a silver chord to the soul & the soul would have chosen the life path, journey & karmic lessons through the operation of the physical body & personality of emotional temperament or ego.

* Souls on the physical journey would have mentors, teachers, companions & co-workers & these beings of intelligence have been called guides, angels, councils or masters. We also have a group of beings of light souls that are classified as soul clusters, groups of souls we call soul mates, people whom we share out lifetimes together.

* Through regression people will gain knowledge & wisdom from the place where we reside, assisting with our short journey here on earth. Learning about life lessons, relationships with others, meeting if companions & teachers. From here we are gaining more knowledge of awareness, greater understanding of ourselves as beings of light energy & a deeper understanding of love.

Dr. Michael Newton, ‘Life between Lives’, is one book to read if you are interested in learning more about the spirit world.
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Default Alicante Spain

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Default China Wholesale

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hypnotherapy, past life regression, soul regression

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